Image not found when RDP disconnected from the server

Hi there,

I went through all similar topics related to my issue in the forum, but wasn´t able to solve it. Basically my problem is, when I disconnect RDP from server, a “Image not found error” occurs all the time using “Click image” activity. When I´m connected with RDP, the whole process runs smoothly. It´s an unattended robot. To describe, what everything I tried to solve it, pls. see below:

  1. I disconnect RDP using %windir%\System32\tscon.exe to avoid windows to close GUI and error message “Desktop has been disconnected…”
  2. I set orchestrator resolution as recommended
  3. I overwrote local machine uipath.settings resolution and set LoginConsole false
  4. I tried to use “Launch workflow interactive” activity with resolution settings

Really don´t know what other settings might help. Any further ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

When disconnected from RDP, try to login to server using VNC and you´ll see actual resolution (which will be most likely different than that with RDP). Apply these settings to orchestrator and robot activities linked to this resolution. Afterwards it should work fine.

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