If statement not working as intended

Hi guys,
I am needing some help in making this If Statement work. At present the keeps going down the left stream even thou the image doesn’t exist.

I have saved the image in a variable and used that variable in the if statement

any help would be appreciated

@nick.v Can you show the value of SalesForce in a Message Box before If Condition

Sorry what do you mean show the value? @supermanPunch

@nick.v Use a Message Box Activity and Use the Value as SalesForce in it :sweat_smile: Before If Condition


@nick.v Is the Image Existing or not Existing?

Firstly, the ImageExists output is a Boolean variable.


  1. In the condition u dont need to use = True
  2. What is the image when you wannt it to be false?

yes the image exists but there will also be cases where the image doesnt exist @supermanPunch @nadim.warsi

so, in that case are u testing the negative case?

the image will be exactly the same but will say ‘No’ where it currently says ‘Yes’

Hey ,

Go to the Properties of Image Exist activity you used and check whether you have given Salesforce as output or not .

And before Image Exist assign value of boolean variable as false.

IT WILL Work !!!


@nick.v Can you try When the Image Doesn’t Exist to Check if it is working?

this is the outcome i got

Also make WaitForReady as complete from properties of Image Exist .
This will handle the loading time for image till it completes

Top man this worked perfectly, salesforce was in the output anyway just needed to assign the variable.



If statement is working as expected. Problem is with SalesForce value assignment.