"Image Exists" Timeout doesn't work

I want to use the “Image Exists” activity for simulate a quick reaction.
The property Timeout doesn’t work. I set 500ms but the timeout continues 3000ms.
The “On Image Vanish” activity has the same problem.
For my aplication, I can only use image recognition.
Attached is an example.

Main.xaml (9.8 KB)

My version: 2018.03.1

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Dear, problem is not with TimeOut property, problem is with workflow, it is going into an infinite loop (sequence is called repetitively)

After image exists put a messgaebox and check.



Thanks for reply.

You can test the activity isolated and have the same result.
The loop is for inspect the output time.
The property Timeout doesn’t work for me.

works with 500ms for me, what Studio version do you have?

Version - 2018.03.1

Did it work with maximized window?

didn`t try that, normal non maximized window app

Strange, when I type in the search field, the output is printed every 3 seconds.
Please, can you send me a sample?

Working for me…