Image deletion activity in microsoft word

Hello, I ran into a problem using microsoft word activities. I could not find an activity to delete an image in microsoft word. To implement my project, this activity is needed, which will work like the “replace image” activity, only instead of overwriting the image, it will delete it. Is there such activity?

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Will see how we can delete a picture manually.

Delete a picture

Click the picture you want to delete, and then press DELETE.

To delete multiple pictures, press and hold CTRL while you click the pictures that you want to delete, and then press DELETE.

Can’t select the picture?

if you can’t select the picture, it’s probably a background picture.

To select a background picture in Word: Go to the Insert tab and select Header > Edit Header . (Once you are in Header and Footer view, you should be able to select the picture.)

we can do all these things with Uipath Normal activities like click and send hotkey.


There are a large number of photos in my task and it changes depending on the input parameters and I think it is not appropriate to use the background to delete the image for this task. I wanted to find an activity similar to “replace picture”, by Alt text of the image, it was deleted

Have you tried with replace Picture?


Yes, I tried using the replace image activity, but it only replaces the existing image.

Inside the find picture just give the Alt text. when it comes to Replace just give “”.

this will remove the image. and replace with nothing so the image will be disappeared.


This leads to an error.Replace image: The path has an invalid shape.

I think you’re not aware of Alt Text. please refer this


I know about the alternative text, it finds the image itself, but it gives an error to the replacement image