I'm unable to switch to classic activities

I can’t find the basic, desktop and classic related activities. Before I was able to switch bet modern and classic but now I can only see modern design experience. How can enable classic ?

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1

Hi @Rohith_Kumar1

If you want to use the classic activities option in your project you can get it this way:

Open your Project.json file and add the below give line below "fileInfoCollection": [],

 "modernBehavior": false,

Refer the screenshot below for better understanding:

Save the json file and reopen your project, you will be able to to see Screen Scraping and Data Scraping option.
Refer the below image for better understanding

Hope it helps!!

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Hi @Rohith_Kumar1

  1. Before UPDATE

NOTE: Open project.json File


below “fileInfoCollection”: [],
and Save it.

  1. After UPDATE

Hope it will helps you :slight_smile:

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that worked …thanks alot man

it worked. Thanks a lot man

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It’s my pleasure @Rohith_Kumar1

Happy Automation!!

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