How to Enable the classic and disable modern in studio x

I need to perform some operations with classic activities so can u please tell how to disable the modern and enable the classic activities in studiox

Hi @vinnakota.nagaakhil

You don’t have sperate option for Modern and Classic activities. You won’t find Classic activities in Studio X. You have to work with modern activities. You can find the alternative activities for the classic activities like Check App State is an alternative of Element Exists Classic activity. Like that find an alternative.

Hope you understand!!


It’s time to move on to modern design. Classic design is phased out but still you can use classic activities as of now but I would suggest to learn and get comfortable with modern design.

Ashok :slight_smile:

I cannot agree more with this.
Seeing so many people react after the last community update shows a sadly large number of people unwilling to learn and upskill.

Modern can do everything classic can do and more and its been around for years and years, bite the bullet and learn it.