Unable to find "Modern Design Experience" button

Despite reinstalling UiPath Studio, I am still unable to locate the button for switching between classic and modern design experiences. I’ve checked the project settings and the design style settings, but the option seems to be elusive.

Hi @laxmikant.bhale

In the Updated UiPath studio version of 2023.12.0, the option was removed. After the update, if you will create a new project, that will be in modern design experience only, there is no chance to switch from classic to modern or modern to classic. If you want to use the classic activities,

Go to activities panel → Click on Filter → Enable classic

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Hi @mkankatala

Thanks for the update! I appreciate the information about the changes in UiPath Studio version 2023.12.0. It’s helpful to know that the option to switch between classic and modern design experiences has been removed. The tip on accessing classic activities through the activities panel filter is especially valuable. I’ll keep that in mind for my workflow.

Thanks again!

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There is no option to switch Classic and Modern design

Go to activities panel

Click on pipe symbol
Enable the modern activities

Thank you @laxmikant.bhale

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Hi @rlgandu

Thanks for the update! I appreciate your support it is really helpful to me.

Thanks again!

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