IF UI element not exist, skip to next activity

Hey guys, the title explain everything I believe,

My bot have to go process login only for first time, when bot running again, the process login have to be skip as the website remember user login. So how do I make :

IF (UI element not exist), then skip to next activity. Hope can get simple explanation and provide (condition in IF Else). Much appreciated

Hi @Aldrin_Pro,

Use the Element Exist Activity to check if the login exist. The output is a boolean.

Use that boolean in the Condition of the IF.

Insert in the Then part the login action. Leave the Else blank


does else suppose to be the skipped login part ? like if boolean exist → login step, else → skip login step

Hi @Aldrin_Pro,

You can try this

If UiElement exist Then do nothing you can click the login button or Else you do the basic login method by entering username and password and clicking on the login button.



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