If, Then, Else Next Activity in CURRENT Loop?

I am using an IF statement to check whether a data field is empty, using the condition “Not String.IsNullOrWhitespace(“DataField”)”. It is checking a Google Sheet. If the value of the field is empty, I would like to Skip/Continue onto to the next activity within the current loop/datarow, rather than skipping to the next iteration in the loop, which is what I believe the Continue activity does.

Is there a way to drop an Activity into the “Else” area that continues onto the next activity within the current datarow (loop iteration)?

Thank you.

you mean like this?

Thank you Jack. I tried what you said, but still having issues. I think the issue may not be the Else statement though. Maybe you can help? I am using Google Sheets data to upload files into a web form. The google sheet contains rows of data, with several file paths per row, pointing to local files to upload. The workflow checks each cell in the row for empty cells, and if it’s not empty, it clicks upload, and then types the file path into the windows file upload space. But…what is happening is that when the workflow reaches a blank cell in the google sheet, it still clicks the upload button, and then types nothing into the upload space. I am wondering if somehow UIPath is not able to detect an empty cell in google sheets? To be sure, I also tried a condition of
Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(“Field”), but got the same results.

Are you able to simulate what i am describing?

you are doing the check wrongly

it should be
Not String.IsNullOrWhitespace(CurrentRow("Attach4").ToString)

same with all the other if statements, please check all of them

That worked. Thank you very much @jack.chan !

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