How to use else if to determine if a cell in a row had a value or not

Very new to UiPath and need help creating a loop that goes through each row of a data table to determine is the date column has a value or not.

If it does, it would display a message saying “Already has date” if not then I would invoke a workflow


give a try with the following example

String.IsNullOrEmpty(CurrentRow("yourDateColumn").ToString()) Or String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(CurrentRow("yourDateColumn").ToString())


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Thank you, please see below as I must ask for the file location and store it as a variable. I still have not created the second process so that’s why there’s an error.

your incoke should be in the else part, we are checking if your variable is empty, so when we use the String.IsnullOrEmpty we are asking if this value is empty so it will go to the Then part

please swap those activities

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My apologies, I have explained it wrong and my image is even more wrong.

If the cell is empty then it needs to invoke a workflow where it will create an invoice for the row.

If the cell is populated then nothing needs to be done and should display a message something like: CurrentRow(“InvoiceNumber”).ToString+" does not need an invoice"

With that said, I believe I have them in the correct place right?


Then as you have in the above image should work, please give a try if any issues then we will keep helping you as we can

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