Conidtion to check if cell is blank, if yes: use next cell

Hi everybody,

I am looking for the condition in the if-activity to check if the cell is blank, if yes, use next cell.

Thanks in advance,
Dennis :slight_smile:

lets assume you are talking about datatables

isNothing(YourRowVar(ColNameOrIndex)) OrElse String.IsNullOrEmpty(YourRowVar(ColNameOrIndex).ToString.Trim)

will defensive check for null / blanks and will return true when found

here it would be better you will elaborate a more on your business case

can be next cell In row (gleiche Zeile, nächste Spalte)
can be next row cell (nächste Zeile, gleiche Spalte)

With more details, we can maybe find a very compact approach

If ResponseCode.toString.Contains=“201”, then write value from variable “Name” in a blank cell in new line in the sheet “Checked”.

Maybe this helps finding a compact solution.

for a 1 time action go ahead
when this to do for many rows then maybe working against datatables can be more performant

Okay :+1:

The value in the variable “Name” changes in a While-Do Activity.

just share some sample data and expected output. so we will have a look at it. Thanks