If System exception happens in InitallSettings then what will be the job status in orchestrator?

can someone please help me with this question -

If System exception happens in Framework\InitAllSettings then what will be the job status in orchestrator?

I tested it my self and the job status = successful in orchestrator but at some places its showing job status = faulted is the right answer.

NOTE- config values are default.

Hi @vaibhav77 ,

In config sheet following Value decides if its Faulted or no:

ShouldMarkJobAsFaulted (Must be TRUE or FALSE. If the value is TRUE and an error occurs in Initialization state or the MaxConsecutiveSystemExceptions is reached, the job is marked as Faulted.)

By default its FALSE: So it will not be faulted. It will be Success.

So right answer is Successful.

Hope this helps.

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I totally Agree with your answer Harshith but I came across one question while giving UIARD practice exam question is -

A process, based on RE Framework 2021.10, runs on orchestrator and an error is thrown in the init state in framework\initallsettings.xaml. The project has default values for the settings in config.xlsx.

What is the state of the job in orchestrator?

and According to the practice exam Faulted is the right answer, that’s why i got confused.

Sometimes practice test answers can be wrong, so we need to practically check and confirm.

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I have practically checked it and the job status was successful.

(Actually Practice test was from Official UiPath Academy website that’s why I was having second thoughts )

Thanks For all your help !!

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