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I have a very complex process or running SAP transactions with a lot of dependencies and architect,

the client I’m working for is limiting the number of SAP LogIn, that’s why I added a sequence that checks for tasks BEFORE initialization, so I won’t enter SAP for no reason,.

my problem is that when I don’t have any tasks, there is a THROW in init, which I believe causing the job state to show as FAULT in orchestrator, but business wise its ok,
any suggestions on how to make the state SUCCESSFUL regarding throw in init?

my other option is to change the location of SAP LogOn&Login to “process transaction” in framework but my process I stable now after log time and I don’t want to damage anything.

thanks a lot

We can handle this with just changing the direction of transitions

Transition is a part of STATE which is used to connect to another STATE

So once Throw is used use a condition in transition in way to go to END PROCESS

REFramework is template with default connection between states
But still it can be modified to our need

Cheers @liran.levin

Hi @liran.levin ,

Can you share the details of job faulted?
You can get it from Orchestrator by clicking the details of faulted job, may be you will get better idea from there…

Usually job get faulted due to RDP connect lost, Credentials of machine got changed and if their is an object reference error and if it’s not even handled in Try catch block.

Hope this will be helpful to debug this issue.


@ermanoj3101 , so my case is an object reference?
Job detailes

it should go to end process but it doesn’t

Yeah i was expecting this, pull your logs and check to which log it reached.

Some variable is getting null value.

Is it failed in init, can you share the screenshot of init once?

Can you pls click on SYSTEM EXCEPTION TRANSITION and see what condition is kept to direct the bot to end process state

And mention that in Catch block of sequence of activities in Init state

Pls share Some screenshot of above part of designs for any further clarification

Cheers @liran.levin

You should be using a Try/Catch around your code, and then the Throw will make it go to the Catch section where you can handle the error properly without showing fault in Orchestrator.

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first of all thanks for the fast replay! you are great! @Palaniyappan @ermanoj3101

this is the object that is missing, BUSSINES EXEPTION, can I solve it with if(XX is null or empty,) or try catch is better?



System exception

Actually we need to make SystemException having some exception value in it
because we want the bot to move to ENDSTATE if there is any exception while login instead of faulting

So the overall Init state will be in Try Catch na
Can you share us the screenshot of It or jus assign as
SystemException = True in catch block

Cheers @liran.levin

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HI @liran.levin ,

I will suggest to put everything of end state inside try catch block, So at least the bot will not get faulted.

And try to check first System exception then in another if business exception.

As if System exception condition get matched it not need to check business exception.

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@ermanoj3101 thats what is did and it does the work, I added log message that business exception is null . THANKS!

@Palaniyappan I’m not sure that I understood your answer, but actually
I don’t want the bot to get to END PROCESS because there are no apps to close, the fault happened in init, but I learned now the way to control the states and flow trough this screen :slight_smile:

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But that’s the way flow should go to end state if the bot fails reason being if the bot works fine it should not stop isn’t it


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