If loop in SAP for Error

I have a problem with in Studio X with an SAP-connection.
The designed robot does work properly, but sometimes with some elements (Roles for authorization in SAP), there is an error, which causes a problem for me. By adding some fiori catalogue in to a role.
However I tried to solve this problem , by using a if-loop, to handle this problem, but the loop doesn’t work the way I want.

Could you please help me by this issue?

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Hi @amir_rpa ,

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It seems like from the error you have mentioned that the condition is not satisfied.
which throws the above error.
I would recommend you to debug the same and see the range.


thanks Ashish
in the loop sometimes an error comes up and if I should say click on no then if error comes then it continues but if error doesn’t come then boot stops. I want to say boot if the error comes in the loop click no if the error doesn’t come then go on.


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It looks like the selector made is not a stable one
Try re-indicating the SAP Element or the window u want to access with the same activity which throws this error
And make sure it is dynamic enough

Cheers @amir_rpa

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Looks like you want to click on a button if present and move normally if not…

If that is the case then you can use continue on error property in the click properties…which will continue execution if not identified without throwing error

If you want to check for multiple buttons and do actions accordingly then you can use check app state activity

Hope this helps


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