SAP Automation / Click Toolbar Button + Read Statusbar

I have I would say a problem and maybe you could help me to find solutions.

In my robot I have a posting sequence in SAP based on an Excel file and everything works and I posted all lines last weeks.
Today I changed the data in my Excel file and started the robot and everything works with exeption of these two standard SAP activities

Read statusbar and click toolbar button – he cant find the target, but nothing changed. Then I deleted the activities and insert all new and then it works. Do you know why Studio X cant find the target in a standard process?
thank you


was a package up/downgrade (UiPath.System.Activities) done in between the last sucessfully run and the first failure run?

oh I cant say definitely yes or no , because Studio X is running on our enterprise version via UiPath Assistant

Does anyone has an idea how to fix it

@StefanSchnell @LevKushnir could you please help me? Thx