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My question is Hello (2)
If Excel data is equal to Marked value then bot has to click select option.
Suggest me if condition.

Hi @Reddy_1
Is there a macro behind your Select button ?
Supposing that the answer is yes, and that you already loop in a foreach datatable:

  • if row(“nameOfColumn”).tostring = thiselement OR row(“nameOfColumn”).tostring = thatelement
  • then Invoke VBA Macro (and you put settings to start the macro instead of clicking it by UiElement)

Hi @Reddy_1 ,

I will cover @Hiba_B 's “no macro” case.

For this, I would use the Anchor Base https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/anchor-base activity.

The anchor should be the match between the excel/web page number, while the action should be just a simple Click activity on the “Select” button (positioned on the left side of the anchor)

For the Click activity, the selector could be somehow a dynamic one, taking into account the number from excel

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