How to click required type(which I mention in the Excel file) from the search results

I have mentioned policy number and policy type(which can be “D” or “L” or “W”) in Excel sheet. When policy number is entered in search box and it results in displaying all the types( generates a table.The order of rows may change everytime.
1: How can i click on the only row in search results (column name: policy type and value is which I mentioned in Excel)
which activity can be used to click on the required row(from the excel). Please advise! Thanks in Advance!

Hi @rohith_k,

The easier way is to use dynamic selectors where you replace the selector with the policy type and value. Check out the below link.

Another method is to scrap the entire table from the screen. Apply LINQ on the scrapped datatable to find the row number where the field matches and then click the row using the row number in the selector.
This method is preferable when the policy value is not unique in the screen otherwise the first method should work.

Happy coding! :slight_smile:

Hi @Udhay,

I am just the beginner in uipath…Can you please explain me on how to implement the second method which you provided(ex:what activities are used and how to implement them in flow) that would be really helpful for me. Thanks in advance!!!