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I have been searching through the forum but unfortunately didn’t find a solution to my problem.

My Problem is the following (please open the attached picture for better understanding):
I am trying to click a specific text(blue link) on a webpage. It appears many times on the webpage and I have to find the text which has a specific word in the same row. In this example, I have to click on the second blue number, because it has to fulfill the condition “Billing Partner = Tree”. The correct number with the matching billing partner I have in an excel file and just copy it from there.

In a real scenario, the other columns are also filled and it has the form of a table if this helps. But only the billing partner is the information that is different between the two cases and would help a human to make the right choice. But the table is not always with 2 rows, but sometimes with 5 rows or so.

So my question is basically: How can I click a UI element based on the condition that a text in the same row and specific column equals a certain input/ variable?

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Launch UiPath Explorer and drill down to the element required, select its parent selectors with appropriate value in your case Tree, use dynamic selector if it varies time to time.

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Thank you for the reply Bala,

As I am super new to UiPath I am not sure how to implement a dynamic selector. Maybe you can describe how you would search for the “Tree” while clicking the number next to it!?

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Use Assign Activity to a temp variable


then in the activity panel assign temp variable to the selector

in my case I concatenated FolderNamer to the selector.

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Thank you for the Reply! I actually found a solution with the Click Activity through Web Recording and the relative click, always finds the element and clicks coordinates relative to the element. Runs like a charm.
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