Unable To Code Below Scenario

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I am unable code the below scenario. Can any one please help how to code.

From the below screen I have to click on the Firm Name where app status should be “policy issued "
Now as per the below screen the first row appstatus is “Endorsement Requested” so i should ignore that one .Now the second app status is “policy issued” so i have to click on that. Incase if the” policy issued" is in first row then i have to click on first firm name itself.

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  1. Extract the data table then loop through it using for each row
  2. Your firm click should have been having row and column number in selector option…You have to get the selector from uiexplorer and then take the row num and col num attribute to the selector.
  3. Get index of row(varDatatableName.index(row)) where status is issued and pass that (index+1) to the row number

Thankyou for you solution, I have tried above steps and one thing i am not getting
unable to click on corresponding firm name .Can you please help please find the attached code
SampleSequence (2).zip (15.1 KB)

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Hi @Pravin_Patil1 ,

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Add one assign for the dynamic selector and then pass that selector to click activity…

You might need to change (ExtractDataTable.Rows.IndexOf(row)+1) this portion with plus 0 or 2 or 3 based on row column element structure of your table

Please refer to the below screenshot.

Hi @Pravin_Patil1 ,

Thankyou so much for helping me .I have tried what ever you have send but i am getting an error like selector invalid. Please find the below snaps for reference.


You have removed '(apostrophe) also from the selector before " and after " there is ’

Before '" + (ExtractDataTable.Rows.IndexOf(row)+1).ToString+"

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