If activity error, why?

Hello guys, good afternoon!

Is the following… I have a condition inside an if activity. If the condition is met it does something. If don’t, it does something else.

To start:

The condition is met but instead of following the "Then " Branch it goes into “Else” Branch.

The result:

The if condition is inside the for each loop

Note: If I disable the sequence inside the “Else” Branch I will not receive any email which is Ok because the condition is met.

Anyone can help me find a solution for this?
Thank you

If it’s following the Else branch, then the condition was not met.

What is item? String? Array? Is “Nome Cliente:” exactly correct? Keep in mind Contains is case sensitive.


Can you tell what does item actually contain?

Trust me the condition is met because I tested it without any activity inside the else branch and it does exactly what it should do.

But as soon I put something inside the else branch, it will execute it.

Well, I will do that verification outside the for each loop. I think that is my problem.

Hello, variables to be extracted from a PDF file.

That might mean that something the For Each is doing, or something that’s happening in the steps inside the Then or Else, is altering things so the condition is no longer met when it should be.

Hi @Andre_Vieira,

If condition is met, it should be following then sequence and not the else one.

I see you have mentioned this if is inside a for loop, so may be for one iteration condition meets and for another it doesn’t?

Have you tried executing this project in debug mode with settings breakpoints at if statement? That would help to pinpoint issue better.


Exacly, and I can’t figure it out.
The condition is met, but I can’t put anything inside the else branch :expressionless:

Yes!! I didn’t a couple times, nothing unusual.
Tomorrow i’ll try out this logic outside the for each loop.

Show us all of it. The For Each and everything inside it.

Simply put a “Write line” or “Log Message” in front of the IF and check the result of the Item.

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