If activity run only once time

Hi all, i use If activity to iterate do something with condition but it only run once time then out of If activity, please explain for me know what is happened ?. Sorry because my English is so bad.
My main: Main.xaml (13.2 KB)

some activities are missing will u share the screenshots
or u can try to debug , so u will get idea how your workflows(If condition) is working

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i’m sorry but i don’t understand what do you mean, are your mean i’m missing something in workflow and it make error ?

No the activities that u are using are missing in my workflow
will u send starting activities screenshot that u are used in workflow

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yeah i got it:

have u debug it?

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i use debugging and counts variable change value to 2 but after first time iterate it out of if activity

Hello dear
u are using if condition so it will not iterate it it will just goes into then or else part
if you want to loop it then use While activity

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tks u, i will try it, wish u have nice day.

welcome and have a great day
Happy Automation!

Prathamesh Patil

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