Why workflow can't be continued after Break activity inside If activity?

Hello all, I’m facing weird issue with Break activity which is inside If activity, and If activity is inside For-Each activity. (Screenshot is down below).

So, what I am trying to do is to just break If activity if no more images exist, and to continue my workflow(next thing is to scrape some data).
What really confuses me is the fact that everything works well if I have Message Box before Break activity?
As soon as I delete Message Box, nothing happens. Also, Break activity in my case works if I’m debugging.

How could I overcome this problem?
Thanks in advance. :pray:

Are you using For each to loop your data?

Put a delay and check

Hi @bp777

Can I see a screenshot of the for each loop as well? This is a weird scenario… so I would like to see how your flow look like… can you add some screenshots of the loop as well?

Since we cant see your for each activity, and if you have nested ones, i want to make clear that Break does not work for For Each Row activity.

Yes, I’m using For each to loop my data. And also, I’ve tried to put a delay - still same thing, doesn’t work.

Of course, screenshot is below. Yeah, it is really, really weird since there is no logic to me why is working with Message Box before Break, and it doesn’t work when there is no Message Box.
As you can see, I’m using For Each activity, not For Each Row

Still we cant really see the whole flow, but you understand that break will exit the whole For Each activity right? Can you show us a print of your outline so we can see the for each and everything inside it.