IF activity. Can no longer see the ELSE branch in Studio. Truncates to the right

IF activity. Can no longer see the ELSE branch in Studio when I click the ELSE branch. Truncates to the right.

Hi @ChrisC
Can you share a snap of your if activity

Screen shot attached.

Hi @ChrisC
highlighted part is the else block for if activity and i also saw else block in your snap also
drag and drop activities you want to use in else part

Hope its solves your issue


I can’t see or move anything to the Else block. I am not a beginner :-)) I think it may be some kind of unusual bug in this Project, as I haven’t noticed any problems with any others.

Hi @ChrisC

sorry for that

its weird to hear something like this

can you create another sequence and try again

It is weird. I will experiment to see if I can work out what the problem is or at least get around it.

Looks like you’re very zoomed in. Try zooming out.

Hi @ChrisC ,

I think you are using the preview version of the UiPath UiAutomation activites. Try downgrading to the stable version in Packages manager.

Hi @loginerror

Have a look at this thread , and help him to sort out this issue

Thanks for the ideas. Zoom isn’t the issue. I zoom in and out a lot. I do think I may have inadvertently hit a key sequence that has triggered something in this project. It’s not stopping me from making progress, so I will continue to experiment at the edges and see if I can get it working normally again.

Hi @ChrisC ,

No i m not talking about zoom.

Check your package’s version. You might be using the preview version of the packages.

Try downgrading the version to latest stable version.

Sorry, I was responding to another post. Yes, I will check the version and downgrade to see if that helps. Thanks for the suggestion.

It appears that the latest version of the Use Application activity has a Resize Window function, which I think this is where the issue is. Namely, the Application Card’s resize window function has a bug which is why its truncating to the right. However, regressing to an earlier version is problematic, as it won’t let me do this, because the existing code is invoking this function and needs the latest library. I may see if I can use a Classic version of Use Browser and copy the inner activities into to it to see if I can get round this issue. Anyway, I can survive.

Can you just turn off resize window, add your activities, then turn resize window back on?

I don’t use the resize window function, however I can’t downgrade the versions as it thinks I have an activity that is invoking it. I will continue to fiddle about and see if I can get around it and then I probably will revert to the stable releases…can’t really afford to be debugging the toolset!

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I thought so. It’s best to use a stable version of activities where possible if you are doing development.

…lesson learned! The bug occurs when you drop a multi-column (IF/ELSE, Check App State etc) into a sequence container…it doesn’t resize and ends up truncating the multi-column Activity. If you move the Activity out into a wider container it resolves itself.

This was resolved by regressing the System Activities package to stable 21.10.3.

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