IE POP UP Problem

cannot identify the save popup in IE when i want to click the arrow.

Hi @fightblue

1 - Click acitivity to click on the arrow.

2 - Click acitivity, press “F2” than choose what you want.

This should work for you :upside_down_face:

yeah, I konw how to click the arrow, but it can not be identified.
all element such as open,save,in the popup can not be idenfified.
the studio and IE are run by adminstator.

Hi @fightblue

ensure you click on the download bar with element exists and click and then use the click activity on the arrow and then change the filename

Ashwin S

yes, i am sure. i use the click activity, and then indicate on the screen, but the arrow can not be chosed.

Hi @fightblue
while indicating the arrow change the mode from F2 and then inspect the arrow and then check it

Ashwin S

i know how to use F2, but the problem is that the arrow can not be inspected, so as the open button, save button. Is it possible something wrong about windows?

use attach window and select that bar first.


What do you mean run by admin? Check if you can use UiPath with your IE first, it might be that your company has restrected access to your IE, if so that’s why it doesn’t work for you. Check on an other browser or contact your admin, to let you use UiPath on your IE.

the solution is reinstall the ie though the version is same

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