Unable to identify the "Go To" button selector in the Save As window in IE


Can someone please help me with a solution to identify the selector for the “Go to” button in the Save As window in IE? The button only appears when you enter a new folder path, but if I type the path and click enter, the button changes to “refresh button” and I cannot identify it with the UI Explorer.

I attached a photo with the button I need.

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The solution came to me right after I opened this topic.

So I used the print screen of the Save As window with the “go to” button and used the click image activity and took the image of the button from the print screen. (hope this makes sens to you guys).


anyhow it would be better to have a nice selector instead of the click image.
imagine you get a computer with another language, you will have to change the activity for a specific language.

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You can use the F2 key to use a delay when using the Indicate on screen.

Thank you fsilva.
The F2 trick helped me to identify the selector for the button.
And yes, I totally agree with you - a selector is much better than an image.

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