IE POP UP Problem the uielement is no longer valid

i have met this problem cannot identify the save popup in IE when i want to click the arrow.
and post a warning the uielement is no longer valid.
Last time, i solved the problem by reinstalling the IE. but this time it does not work.

popup problem1

Manully change the UI frameworks to UI automation, it will be OK

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@fightblue - can you share the selector? sometimes it could be bcz of ‘idx’ related values…

after I changed to UI Automation, there is no ‘idx’

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after switch to UIAutomation - working fine? or still facing the issue?

“UI Automation” is recommended for Microsoft related products…

after switch to UIAutomation, it is fine. how can i use UIAutomation as default value so that i do not switch it every time?

I think there is not option to change/set UiAutomation as Default. Hope we can expect these features in future versions…

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