Identifying Selectors for dynamic dialog box fields in Windows application

Good Morning,

I am looking for some insight in selector identification. The situation is I have an import dialog box for a windows application that has a dynamic set editable text boxes. These text boxes are context sensitive and change depending on selections made in another part of the dialog box See Example below.

The dynamic portion is in the Keywords section. The text boxes cannot be identified by Studio or UiExplorer unless you have already manually selected the box in the cursor is inside it. Most of the times Studio will only be able to select the Keywords section as a whole, including during runtime.

I have tried going through basically every entry in the visual tree in UiExplorer, manually pasting in the selector name from (grabbed from those cases when it is already selected that i mentioned above), just selecting the whole keywords section and typing into, pasting into the keywords selection with no success. The only methods that do work are sending Tab hotkeys (which I believe will not work well in unattended automations) and Click Text with x offset.

I am curious, is there any other approaches I can take to identifying these dynamic text boxes?

Also I am curious as to how UiPath can click the right text but that text is not part of the selector or the visual tree (at least I can’t seem to find it).


It’s look like Java based application. Could you please try to install java extension from Uipath and restart both applications and then try once.

Other alternative is to use Anchor Base Activity and indicate that Remittance Num and based on that type some text into that field and then send hot key Tab to enter into next fields and for this no need of any selector and you can easily do this. I hope this method will help you.

Thanks lakshman

I have installed the Java extensions but the results are the same. Here is the text of the selector retrieved when you preselect the Remittance number text box if that would help: