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Hi All - I am very new to RPA and my first task is to find out if a given (pre-defined) pdf has customer signature or not. We just need to find if its being signed by customer or not, thats all. This what I have done so far

  1. Used Anchor base (ContinueonError = True) to find text “Signature of Applicant” section
  2. Used Get OCR Text document
  3. Try to print the result

This is not working , its always giving me blank result.

Appreciate any help

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@Rahul_Mathur can you share a sample PDF ?

I’m not sure if you can complete this task using UiPath but I have an idea and you can try it.
Use Image exists and capture the box from the paper where the signature has to be in but with no signature in, more exactly a blank one.

Check every pdf to identify if that image exists inside:
-if it exists: the paper is not signed
-if no: the paper is signed


Hi Vlad, apology for delayed response but it did not work.

Is it possible to share a pdf sample to try your process?

Main.xaml (29.8 KB) Ben_PrivacyPDF.pdf (292.8 KB)

Hi - Vald , Thanks for replying back. Here with I am attaching my XAML file as well as sample PDF.