Checkbox and signature on scanned pdf (any OCR engine in UiPath)

Hi, Is there a way to identify if checkbox is marked on scanned document ?
Maybe also a signature ? Have you met a similar problem ?

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How pixelated is the document? You can try Find Image with low Accuracy and scroll through each page to see if you can find it… if not, then it’s not checked.

You can also try Find OCR Text with correct scale for accuracy near the check box, then use Set Clipping Region to adjust box to the check box to see if the image is correct or run OCR inside the adjusted clipping region to see the check is converted to a character.

My solution to detect a signature was to scroll through the bottom pages til I found a consistent image, then Set Clipping Region to the Signature Box and used Get OCR Text to convert the inside to characters. I then took those characters and created a condition to determine if it’s valid or not.

Clipping Region is set like this:
New UiPath.Core.Region(New Rectangle(elementSignature.ClippingRegion.Rectangle.Value.Left-67, elementSignature.ClippingRegion.Rectangle.Value.Top-138, elementSignature.ClippingRegion.Rectangle.Value.Width, elementSignature.ClippingRegion.Rectangle.Value.Height+83))

And, use the same element in a variable that you Set Clipping Region on for the OCR Engine.
I also needed to use a dynamic OCR Scale since the Signature is different sizes by incrementing it with a variable if the OCR fails.

Well, hope this helps!