Identify if data is in SAP table

I am working on a bot that refreshes a file, checks if it has data and if it does logs into SAP and updates a description field(s). When testing the process is currently working with updating the first description field. The challenge is that sometimes there is only one description to update and sometimes there are multiple. All will have at least one row to update. However, there are two columns and some will have multiple rows to update. This is determined if there is data in column 1 in SAP. If there is data in column 1 it will put the description in column two and loop until column 1 is blank. Since this is inside of SAP what is the best way to have the bot determine if there is data in column 1 and continue to update the description in column two. It needs to stop when it hits a row with a blank column 1. I am finding UiPath will not select the individual cells as elements, so the best way to navigate the SAP table is by tabbing. Attached is a screenshot. All will type a description in the first row, so what I am thinking is tab, type, tab, check for data - Y/N, Y -tab type N - stop. Continuing thru each row until column 1 is blank. How can I get UiPath to identify if there is data after tabbing to the cells in column 1?

This is my second bot. Thanks for your help!