Reading the cell in SAP (Warning/Error column in image attached)

The image is from SAP. The Uipath is unable to read the cell. Therefore, I am using get text for each cell. I was wondering if there is a possibility of using a loop for each column? Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

hi @arathi

these are the following steps
1.Build the Datatable
2.Use Element exists and click for the correct selector
3…iterate the loop through while condition(condition as element exists Boolean variable)
3.Use Get Attribute activity to get the errors and warnings and property as title
4.Add to collection
5.Give down activity use send hot key
5.iterate the count

Ashwin S

Hi @arathi, maybe the link will help you. It shows how to automate the extraction of SAP tables starting from 12:27.

…I hope you understand my problem. I am unable to read the individual cell. For the link you have provided, its possible to read the individual cell of the table :slight_smile:

hi ashwin,

wherever you click or try to read you will have the same selector. Uipath is not able to read individual cell. With scrapping I am able to generate the data. But the number “6” and “1” do not lie in the same column. “6” merges with date :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any solution do let me know :slight_smile:

Hi @arathi , my understanding was that at least the activity ‘get text’ works for you. Based on that activity you should be able to apply the methods shown in the link. Isn’t it the case? You cannot get the text whatsoever?

get text can work in two ways:

  1. if the uipath recognize the cell or a region automatically…
  2. you can also define the scrap region :slight_smile: – I was using this way…

hi @arathi

Are you able to identify the particular row based on Uiexplorer

Ashwin S

thanks a lot ashwin for you reply…Its the same (let me know if I am missing anything)… I have click at the top and at the bottom. Its reading the whole thing :stuck_out_tongue:

hi @arathi

In this uncheck cls property and select the ctrl id

Check the ctrl id is getting changed instead of 1 :slight_smile:

Ashwin S

nothing changes. Check the images :slight_smile: Thanks for the input