Ideas for Jobs & Schedules

I have a couple of ideas and/or suggestions for Studio.

  1. Jobs: creating or starting a Job, would be nice to be able to specify that it either run for an amount of time or that it stops at a specific time.
  2. Schedules: would be nice to be able to just select a Schedule and have it start a Job using existing Schedule Parameters.
  3. Schedules: while you can specify that it runs and stops after so many hours, would be nice if you could specify at specific time of day for it to stop.

Hi @rstaylor62,
Please check Triggers in Orchestrator:

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Ok, guess I should have stipulated that we are currently on version 2018.4.3.
Granted, I knew or was aware that Triggers when coming in version 2019.x, but thought the ideas (suggestions) would be good for 2018.4.x versions.