Schedule job from robot

Is it possible to schedule a job to run at a specified date & time within Studio? I’m using 2018.1

I have a process that will require another job to be run at a later date, based on a trigger within the workflow. Is this possible?

If not, can anyone think of some workarounds?

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CRON should give you the flexibility to schedule a job when you need. You can find many resources to help with learn it online.

I haven’t used 2018.1 yet so not sure if there’s are more advanced methods than CRON.

EDIT: to use CRON select “Advanced” in Schedules

Wouldn’t it still need to be scheduled manually ahead of time though? I want a robot to schedule a different process based on parameters passed from the process it’s currently running.

I think you would need to run your process daily or weekly and have a condition somewhere so it doesn’t actually run for that day until the day you want it to run.

So, basically, you will see if run every day but it won’t actually process until the day you need it to based on your parameters from a file or whatever condition you are using. Like you could check if a file is available in a location or in a portal, or you can just simply check the datetime like Now>=cdate(4/25")

Does that help answer your question?

Not the answer I was hoping for, but yes it does :slight_smile:

That was my fallback solution that I was trying to avoid so it wouldn’t clutter up orchestrator reporting

Another solution would be to have it run all the time until it is processed, but that would take up an entire robot while it continually runs.

Yeah, I don’t think you can Add Schedules from Studio. The 2018 update does have some Orchestrator activities; I don’t know if there is a Schedule one.

You can also research API calls, but I don’t have experience in using those.