Schedules - End Time as date/time

When you create a schedule in orchestrator, you can specify a specific start date/time/frequency, but cannot specify a specific end time - only a length of time after the start of the process.

Can you add a feature so that we can put in specific dates/times for jobs to stop. E.G 8:00pm on any day, or 2:45 on 14th May 2019. We have a server that reboots at 8PM every night, so it would be useful if we could schedule the job to stop at 8pm… Specifying a length of time relies on the robot being free at the start time - if it starts late, it would run past 8pm.

You could always put a check after “Check Stop Signal”, that if DateTime is after, for example, 19:45 and you want it to stop before 20:00 (of course depending how long each transaction takes), it will terminate the automation.

I agree it would be nice to have this feature but this may be a work around for the time being.

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This is essential what we are doing as a workaround, but there are other scenarios where it is useful to have this feature, so the above is very much a workaround.