Idea or Suggestion for Jobs & Schedules

I have a couple of ideas and/or suggestions for Studio.

  1. Jobs: creating or starting a Job, would be nice to be able to specify that it either run for an amount of time or that it stops at a specific time.
  2. Schedules: would be nice to be able to just select a Schedule and have it start a Job using existing Schedule Parameters.
  3. Schedules: while you can specify that it runs and stops after so many hours, would be nice if you could specify at specific time of day for it to stop.
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But I would to go with second one and not to the first and last
The reason is we won’t be able forecast the time that will be taken for each run
—Let’s take an example, I have process with Oracle form filling which gets details from a web application
—now some times I get details for around three accounts and let’s take this as case1
—some times I get around 10 accounts based on the order created in that day and will take this as case2
—so if we have now set a time limit to the job or schedule made for a automation process to handle this business process, say for five mins, it will be fine for the case1 but for case2…though the process is going correctly it would stop abruptly right
Which will eventually impact the process especially when we go for next run or next schedule where all will be in the middle of processing

—that’s why even in orchestrator when a process being in schedule is running for few mins in addition than usual and if suddenly the next schedule begins, the robot is kept in pending status so that it would begin to run, the moment when the previous execution stops COMPLETELY.

Hope this would help you
Kindly correct me if I’m wrong
Cheers @rstaylor62

Thanks for the feedback. It is not neccessarily that you are wrong and I understand what you are saying, but the reason I have Items 1 & 3 is that if for some reason the Automation fails and the Job or Schedule Job stops running and goes into a Faulted State, one has to “manually” start the Job again, especially the Scheduled Jobs. If the Job was Scheduled to run for 8 hours and it fails half way through, then what…? You cannot just start or restart a Schedule, you have to start a Job directly, then you have to manually monitor it (watch it) for 4 more hours and then stop it manually. That is the reasoning behind items 1 and 3.


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Studio or Orchestrator? Schedule?

Sorry, Yes - it would actually be within Orchestrator (both Jobs & Schedules)

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.