Follow Micro Tasks on Automation Hub

Briefly we have many micro tasks within an automation phase and in Automation Hub, we don’t have a slot to manage this, so far we have to monitor these micro tasks in another application like a Microsoft Planer.

I would really like to have it all in one app. (4.6 MB)

Hello @jarbas-bm ,

Thank you for your feedback.
While Automation Hub represents a one-stop-show for tracking the progress of your automation opportunities in one single place, it is not within the Automation Hub product strategy to transform it into a software development project management tool that goes at that level of depth as handling capacity planning, Gantt charts, task assignation. We prefer providing an Open API layer that enables you to extract / update the information in Automation Hub that makes sense to be used in external project management tools, rather than build those capabilities within Automation Hub and defocus from the areas where Automation Hub can have the highest impact into supporting the customers to scale their automation program.

Hope you will understand the reasoning behind the choice.

Thank you,