ID-Matching File Compression

Hello Community,
I have a folder (FolderFile) with sub files named “41” and “30” and “35” on the other hand I have an excel file with one column named “ID” it has two rows (31, 41) the goal is to build a process to compare the file names with the values of ID column and if they match I need to compress the sub file with that name
for example in our case we have a sub file named “41” and in the ID column there’s a value “41” so the sub file “41” must be compressed

1.Use the “Read Range workbook” activity to read excel file and store it in a DataTable variable.

2.Use a “For Each” activity to loop through the subfiles in the “FolderFile” folder.
Check for Match:

3.Inside the loop, compare the current subfile name with the values in the DataTable to check for a match using an “If” activity.

  1. If there’s a match, use the “Invoke Method” activity or the “Create Zip File” activity to compress the subfolder with the corresponding name.
  • You’ll need to specify the source folder (e.g., “FolderFile\41”) and the destination folder where you want to save the compressed file.


please I need more clarification for the invoke code