Comparing file names in two different columns and creating Zip Files & Sending via Email of non-matched files



  1. I want to compare two different columns (current and old file names). The non-matched file names should be written into the third column.

  2. Afterwards, the non-matched files (of the third column) need to be copied out of a folder to a new folder.

  3. This new folder should be converted to a Zip-File.

  4. The new created Zip-File should be sent via Email.

I would be pleased to see your suggestions :slight_smile:


Hi, you could use this: Compare Datatables - RPA Component | UiPath Marketplace


I used two Read Range Activities for both columns, which need to be compared.

But at the end I got the following error "the imput data must have the same structure.

I don’t know what did I do wrongly?

Do they have the same column name and same data type?

No, I used different names for the columns. The data types are same.

then you cant compare two complete different datatables, i imagine you need them to have the same name.

But the DataTable Comparison Activity should compare two different data tables.

What would you suggest in my case?

@aaydin Will all values present in the Column “Old Excel List” be present in the Column “Current Excel List” ? Or are there going to be some values which are not present in “Current Excel List” and you would want those values too to be present in the “Comparison” Column?

you can do some like below:
dt1 > data table 1
dt2 > data table 2

lstFile_dt1 = new List (of String)
lstFile_dt1 = (From rw in dt1 select x = rw(“current excel list”).ToString).ToList
lstFile_dt2 = (From rw in dt1 select x = rw(“old excel list”).ToString).ToList

lstFileCompare = (from file in lstFile_dt1 where Not lstFile_dt2.Contains(file) select x = file).ToList

you can use lstFileComplare for further processing

Dear all,

thank you for your efforts. I have solved my problem with the following video