IBM iseries as400 Terminal Host error

I go a message: The windows legacy compatibility will be discontinued in the next enterprise release. Convert to Windows.

Then I converted the project and saved it. When I run it now I get an error message - To run this application, you must install .NET.

My laptop has .NET Framework 4.8.

What I need to install to fix this issue. Thanks

Did you press the Yes button when the error occurred?

After the required .Net version is downloaded and installed, restart the machine, and continue your automation.

Let us know if this helped.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Converted a legacy project to Windows then when it came time to do terminal activities, the bot wouldn’t continue and I got the same popup
The VM this bot was running on already has .NET v4.7 installed and when I click Yes, nothing happens.

It seems that you need a .Net5 or .Net6 runtime to be installed on your impacted robot machine.

Install the .Net Desktop Runtime 5.0.17 based on your system type (Arm64/x64/x86) from here Download .NET 5.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)

Install the .Net Desktop Runtime 6.0.13 based on your system type (Arm64/x64/x86) from here Download .NET 6.0 (Linux, macOS, and Windows)

After performing the above, restart the machine, and retry.

I had the .Net7 Win Desktop Runtime installed on the machine.
The initial popup went away but now we’re seeing this error code.
Below is our current Terminal Configuration. I can confirm the EHLL Dll does exist at the specified directory.

For the EHLLAPI provider to work properly, the emulator the client is using has to be started and connected to the host system.

Also, there is a limitation in the terminal activities with regard to the platform.

  • 32-bit emulators can only work in Windows-Legacy projects
  • 64-bit emulators can only work in Windows projects

That’s a limitation of the current version of the terminal activities. The Windows target framework is 64-bit (notice the 64-bit mentioned in the provider dropbox) and the IBM Access Client has a 32-bit hllapi DLL.

Unfortunately, there is no 64-bit ehllapi for IBM access client, so the options they have are:

  • Switch to Direct Connection
  • Use another terminal emulator with 64-bit EHLLAPI support

The 32-bit dll cannot be loaded in a 64-bit context.

One exception is IBM iAccess Client which, no matter if it’s a 32-bit or 64-bit version, has an HLLAPI bridge that is 32bit. So it will work only with Windows-Legacy projects.

That’s a limitation of the current version of the terminal activities. The Windows target framework is 64-bit (notice the 64-bit mentioned in the provider dropbox) and the IBM Access Client has a 32-bit hllapi DLL.

Is this something that will be fixed with a future version of the terminal activities? In addition, are there any resources on what is unsupported when migrating from Windows - Legacy to Windows Compatibility?

Thank you!

Normally, each UiPath activity should have its own Project compatibility page (at this moment, the Terminal activities don’t).

Also, you can check the Release notes of each activity as there you should see what changes occurred during the versions.

Are there any plans to continue 32-bit emulator support with new versions of the Terminal Activities or will these be unsupported?

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I am interested in this topic as well. The release notes of Terminal Activities mentions " * For Windows projects, the use of 32-bit 3rd party emulators is now allowed."

Wondering if that is meant to solve the EHLLAPI 32-bit bridge issue or not? At the moment, we are still getting the .NET popup screen but clicking on Yes to install .NET does nothing. We have both .NET 4.8 and 6 installed.

Trying to use Direct Connection has it’s own concerns as we are in a SSO environment too so typing in a username and password doesn’t work either to access the IBM I machine.

Why aren’t you using Direct Connection? It’s much more reliable and faster than using a 3rd party client, and there’s no configuration, DLLs etc to worry about.

I have not been able to find out a way to use single sign-on when using Direct Connection. Unfortunately, that is a bit of a requirement for us. If there is a way of doing it, I would be most excited to explore further! :grin:

We are using IBM iAccess Client with 32 bit version. After converting to Windows form Windows legacy, we are facing the same error “To run this application, you must install .Net.”
Microsoft .Net Runtime-6.0.19 - 64bit is already installed in the system.
Typing in the user name and password before connecting the terminal session.
Anything else required to connect the session?

If you have that message, this means you didn’t install the needed .Net type and version.
If you have a button to download, download it and install it. Then restart the PC and see if the error disappeared.