I want to use mouse scroll functionality

I want to use mouse scroll to select this templates. The value will be passed through excel. How should use mouse scroll

more efficiently.


Use a while loop and then inside it use check app state…if found then click else use mouse scroll

Hope this helps


Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar Can you check below link

Activities - Mouse Scroll (uipath.com)

Also, did you try with “Send Hotkey” activity + PgDn

I tried using while loop but there over 20 templates with 23 no. of scrolls, the script fails.


May I know what is failing?

Can you provide more details please…


will it easily navigate beacuse there are 3 inputs from which it will validate the template reach the desired template

It seems it is unable to validate the desired template


Then your check app state is not able to identify…please refine the selector…to first validate the templates…


@Bhushan_Nagaonkar To validate the template first use Element Exists or Check App State activity. If it is valid one, then use the Mouse Scroll activity to select the template and see how that goes

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ok, ill try and let you know