How to get the total amount of queue items?

Hi guys,

I just discovered that the ‘Get Queue Items’ activity can only retrieve 100 items from a queue.

So first, why that (low) maximum of items?
Secondly, is there any way of finding out exactly how many items are loaded into a queue?


Hi @MatthiasVG, I think that is the current limitation of retrieving queue items through Studio. The workaround is to use Orchestrator HTTP Request to call orchestrator API. To understand more on the APIs available via Orchestrator, you could refer:!/QueueDefinitions/QueueDefinitions_GetQueueDefinitions

To overcome your problem, you could use Get Queue Items API and use your QueueDefinitionId eq XXXX(your queue’s id) as a filter when calling the API. To get your QueueDefinitionId, refer to the above link.!/QueueItems/QueueItems_GetQueueItems

Cheers. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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