I want to extract top comapny,avg salary,experience in lakhs list from this link https://careernavigator.naukri.com/sales-executive-retail-careers-in-mahindra-and-mahindra-financial-services-15731

plz help me .my link is from this link https://careernavigator.naukri.com/sales-executive-retail-careers-in-mahindra-and-mahindra-financial-services-15731 i want to extract data and write in excel sheet .but it didnot extract…plz help


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Can you tell me what error you faced, also post screenshots as to why data scraping did not work?



I try to use Data Scraping on the link mentioned in the post. The error pops out that there is no common parent on a column for two consecutive rows. I do F12 on IE, and try to read the HTML/CSS in which web page is designed, but it is not designed using proper DIV standards, due to which there is a issue to scrape the data.

Please add on if you agree with my explanation, and please update if there are some conflicts


You are partly right that inspection of elements is quite difficult with this particular website which eludes pattern recognition to some extent, but here is a screenshot that shows a preview data that I did using data scraping feature in Uipath.

But, @sunita14 - attached is a file with slightly different approach of finding the descendants using find children activity. So I guess data scraping is feasible either way. FILE : FindChildren.xaml (6.3 KB)

Hope this solves your issue

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PS : Open the URL which is the landing page and then run the file that I have uploaded.

yes.i also got same issue…is their any other way …like in screen scraping can we do

i dont need this one.i need company name,avg sal,avg exp,in lakhs…can we do it in screen scraping

Well I don’t see those fields int he URL that you have provided, please correct me if I am wrong :slight_smile:

PS : You will need a recruiter login in Naukri to extract all of those

ok.then first u log in in naukri.com.then open this url…then this one is working


It cant be done in screen scraping, or data scraping, but extracting the descendants and doing string operation might be the only solution (at least according to me) I have done the extraction using the web control as ID in the find children activity, I hope you can take it from there…

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PS : The file → Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

but this one showing some error

Can you tell me what is the error? Screenshot?


It is pretty straightforward, I don’t understand what might be causing it. Which sleector was not found, kindly be more descriptive in your replies for quicker resolution. :slight_smile:

UiPath.Core.SelectorNotFoundException: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector: ----> System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException: Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Are you running it in Internet explorer with the same URL that you supplied in the question?

Edit : @sunita14 is it running?

no.i run it in chrome

it is designed in internet explorer and without designing it through chrome plugins you cant run it there. launch IE and the URL and run it and through string operations you can get those values but it might prove to be an uphill task due to the unstructured Divs and layout.

Well @sunita14

Has your issue been resolved?

ya it resolve.but not in uipath

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Then how ,using which one other than uipath can i know pls