Complete statement is not getting captured using Data Scraping

Hi All,

Can anyone please have a look and do needful.
I am not able to capture the complete statement using Data Scraping… (328.3 KB)


Can you give more details on 1. What error you are facing 2. Which app (desktop, web etc) is that you are trying it on? 3. What have you tried

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Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

  1. Actually i have attached one requirement PDF document in that ZIP file along with screenshots.) and that is what i need.
  2. My requirement person is a IT Recruiter. so i need to fetch the data from Naukri job portal using my Laptop.
  3. Recently i learned this UI Path by referring to the online material and i am trying to fetch those required details using some UI Sequences.
  4. using the data scrapping tool, i have fetched the data form Naukri job portal into an Excel sheet. (Please refer to the PDF document for more clarity on the requirement.)
    suppose if you try searching for any job requirement in Naukri job portal, most of the requirements related job description and skill set is incomplete. (Till this point i have written the XAML UI-Path sequence and it is working fine. attached the same in the attachment.)
    a) now i want the complete description of the job requirement and the skill set that they have mentioned.
    b) also i need the contact details if exists for that requirement. (Like- Email, Phone number, Name, Company URL link. etc…)

Please let me know if you need any further information.


Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

Using the data scrapping tool, i have fetched the data form Naukri job portal first page details into an sheet.

Since i am not able to get the complete Skill set, Job description and Contact details in the first page, i came up with some solution like, till now whatever the data was written to Excel sheet, read each row from that excel sheet and substitute in those values in the NAUKRI ADVANCE SEARCH like Company name, Experience, Technology/Skill Set, Location (applied more filters to get unique record. but in some conditions, i am getting more than one result. seems to be naukri haven’t provided much filters to get the unique job post. This is one difficult i am facing.)

so once the search string is found, then used mouse click event on that to display that result in the next page.
now again search for the “skill set / Key Skills” search string in that webpage. if the string is found, then starting from that position, capture the complete skill set.

followed the same process to capture the Job Description and Contact details.

Perform the above mentioned logic till the end of the row reached in the Excel sheet.

So i am not able to navigate to the next page where that webpage is having all the required details.
Seems to be, my way of approach towards this requirement is too lengthy process and as a beginner, it was bit difficult for me.

I am not sure is there any simplified way to do this requirement.

for more information, let me know if you want me to call to your mobile number…
i am available on this mobile number. +91 9030003371.

Thank you.


just as a usecase I had built a crude implementation of the Naukri portal scraping (please read terms and conditions as such scraping without their explicit consent might turn out to be not so legal)

Please look through the code I am sure it is simple enough with a little bit of Javascript for getting all the candidates pertaining to the search term that you use in the Config. It should be fairly simple I am not sure as to what exactly the challenge is.

Revert if you find nay challenges (give your recruiter username and password in the Config file or else the UI will change leading to failure)

find the project here (50.0 KB)

Hi @Raghavendraprasad,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I am going through your flow and trying to understand which helps me to work on my future requirements.
Can you please share me the structured excel sheet to capture these results…

I will get back to you incase of any queries… Thank you.


Hi there @shiva_kumar2

I had built it quite a while back the results seem to have cleaned out from my system. Although if you have your own recruiter login it should give you the desired result depending on the inputs you give in Config.xlsx.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: