I want to extract the links of videos in a youtube channel

this phase i have a excel data in which channel links are pressent and based on them i need to go to channel and extract videos URL from the channel which are uploaded 2 years back and i have no clue what would be the workflow and what are the activity that can we used in this process.


use extract data table to extract the link as well as year and then filter out accordingly,
Can also refer the below thread:
Unable to extract details from youtube - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

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in the above we can we extract data table but in case of channels we can’t use that know and now we don’t have data scrapping option available

Hi @Adithyeshwar_goud

→ First extract all the video titles, links or any other any information you want with that extract the time means 1 week ago, 2 years ago like that by using extract table data activity.
→ The output of Extract Table data activity is the Datatable datatype variable, let’s call it as ExtractDatatable.
→ After extraction filter the datatable by taking reference time column which has 1 week ago, 2 years ago values then filter with 2 years ago then you will get all the details of videos in 2 years ago.

Hope it helps!!

u need vedio url right?
in that case while extracting data Table extract the url

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Hi @Adithyeshwar_goud ,
Have you tried " extract Table data"
follow this step

select option extract url
hope it help

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we can perform this one and for a set of url we acn’t dynamically exact the data know

We can do it for all the URL by using data extraction there is an activity called Extract Table data which helps you to scrap the URL data from each video in youtube.

Have you tried in using the Extract Table data activity. @Adithyeshwar_goud

yes but i have a excel with urls of diffrent channels and bot should open every channel and extract the data from the chennal which changes every time

my bot after extraction data from one page again coming to the same page
5 min i will shar e my file

Okay @Adithyeshwar_goud

→ Use read range workbook activity to read the excel and store in a datatable variable called InputDatatable.
→ After read range insert the For each row in datatable activity to iterate the each row in the datatable.
→ Indicate the Google home page for the Use application\browser activity, and pass the CurrentRow(“Column name of URL”).toString in the Browser URL field.
→ Inside of Use application\browser activity insert the Extract Table data activity to extract the table in each channel.

The above process is dynamic.

Hope you understand!!

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there are many online extractor, youtube downloaders. I tried many, if the video graphics bad, you can use these tools. but if 4k resolution, most tools do not support or they’re not in mp4, which is very inconvenient. So I rather screen record it, currently using the FoneDog Screen Recorder, you can google it if you’re interested :nerd_face:

@Adithyeshwar_goud ,

please refer below mentioned link

Link:- https://youtu.be/Nd5ZpYf6pSg
Link:- https://youtu.be/_CkpSwRNMjM

Thank You!

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