How to extract when a video was uploaded on youtube by using URL given in excel sheet


I have an excel sheet which containts URL of multiple videos(Youtube). i want to extract video Video Title and date when video was uploaded.

I also need to write Video Title and date when video was uploaded againts each URL in the same excel file.

Ciao @Bilal_Anwar

Seems pretty straight forward, that’s how I’d go about it:

  • Read Range the Excel Sheet
  • Use Application/Browser Scope
  • In Broswer Scope use “For Each Row” in DataTable
  • Use CurrentRow(“URL”).toString to get the YT Link
  • Use a Navigate to Activity
  • Get Text from Titel
  • Click into Description
  • Get Text from Description

Make sure to create dynamic descriptors (selectors), so you can iterate through the whole file without error.

Hope these instructions can set you on the right way.

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