I want to extract table and save it in excel as it is

Heres a table in which column or rows will be more or less dependiing on data. Sometimes will be much more so we have to scroll from left to right or top to bottom. But I want to extract this table and verify it with another table.

MicrosoftTeams-image (109)

How should I do it?

Please help thankyou

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar

Use extract data datable and then by using the selectors copy the entire data from strict selector and paste it in fuzzy selector and change the targeting method from strict to fuzzy and then store the extarcted data in a variable and by using the write range activity write the data to an excel


Ok, will try and let you know

Hi the data that Im getting is in this format. Am I doing something wrong


once you extracted the data please click on preview and check whether the data was extracted correctly or not.




I hope you got some idea

I will learn from it. Thankyou for sharing

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