Extract data table not working fully

Hey guys, been making progress as a novice here but I’m stuck again, this time with, what i think may be difficult for you guys to help me with but I’m hopeful :slightly_smiling_face:.

The highlighted numbers in the ‘Sales’ Column is the data I want to extract to an excel sheet and I want that to be done for all the companies in my list on the left. Now, I have this process working for the most part, i have it navigating through the list, identifying the targets to be extracted and writing it to excel. What I’m stuck on is this:
(For simplicity I only have it running through 4 companies atm instead of the entire list.)
As you can see the extract is only giving ‘data table’. Now I know from using the ‘test selection’ that it can see and target the individual ‘sales tables’ as it navigates through the list of companies, but it won’t write out the numbers. So that’s where I’m stuck:

Here’s what that process looks like. I get no errors and the file runs successfully. This community has been great for helping my amateur self so far so here’s hoping you can do it again!

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Hey @luke.kowalski.trading

This usecase looks quite interesting. My understanding is like you need to Extract the table which is on the 1st screenshot.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Also, please explain exact issue in that if yes.


Yes that’s right, I want to extract the highlighted ‘Sales’ table in the first screenshot and I want to extract the same applicable data for all the companies listed to the left as it navigates through the list (I make it search each individual name to bring up the applicable sales data).
So, I want the sales numbers to be extracted to my excel file but when I run the file it just repeats the words ‘data table’ in the positions i want the numbers to go as shown in my ss of it.

Here are two screenshots of the properties section of my ‘extract table’ and ‘add data row’ activities if that helps you see what’s going on.


Try to change in the Write Range the table with “Sales1”. You can extract all data from table without use the Add Data Row activity, depending the Exctract Data Table configuration.

I managed to work through it and get it writing out the table correctly, it’s now a case of getting it to write to individual new columns but that’s a new problem.

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