I want to extract only particular value in document

Hi Team,

I am extracting the data from the image in that document we have DOB.
I extracted the data using form extraction but before I write the data to the data table I want to do the correct format.

Example: Input got in the extraction DOB: 27121994 But I want to write to the excel 27/12/1994

How to do like the above format.

Second question: Is that possible to print the specified value in the message box or any output panels?

Example: I extracted the DOB, Address, and Name I need to display the DOB in the Message box.

Last question How to extract the check Box In the document understanding?

I am automating document understanding in UiPath. My question is: I want to print a specific value and, if any changes are required, I need to make those adjustments and then send it to Excel. Please note that I have already extracted the value. I just need to print the specific value before writing it into Excel.

Hi @copy_writes

formattedDOB = DateTime.ParseExact(inputDOB, "ddMMyyyy", Nothing).ToString("dd/MM/yyyy")

Hope this helps!!

Yes Thanks for your quick response, I need to write the data before export extraction results activity I have to change the format