How To Extract The valid date from document using Document understanding when I extracted its getting incorrect value


Iam trying to extract the value from sample pdf form while extracting iam getting
incorrect date i have attached picture below
in the form value is : 12/16/1990
Extracted value is : 1216/1990

How can i configure this in Form Extractor


Thanks in advance

Hi @Yogeesh_G

In the Taxonomy , Put the DataType of DOB a Date

Could you please check if the OCR is able to extract the ‘/’ from the date, if not then that might be one reason for the extracted value to 1216/1990

it is not extracted / only between date and month for year its extracting
in Image 12/16/1990
extracted value 1216/1990

Yeah try to change OCR here

try with changing OCR and indicate each value individually like 12 16 then 1990.

You don’t indicate things with Document Understanding. OCR is the issue here. I suggest Omnipage OCR, in my experience it works best with DU.

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