Extract Specific data from write line

Hi All,
First i have extracted the entire table from web browser and gave the write line activity which gave me the entire table data,now How to extract specific text from write line,text is as shown in the below format.

i need only PA0XNPAXS005,PA0XNPAXS003,PA0XNPAXS001 to be extracted and mail,can anyone tell me how to do this


you can do split the string with \ and pick the 1st position in for each row.

string var = row.item(“columname”).Spilt("".tochararray)(1)


hi @Navya_K_B
You can use substring function as:
you can use string.Substring(Int32, Int32)
where first ''int32" refers to the index where you want to start the cut and second “int32” refers to the index of end of cut.

Here is solution in your case:
myString = myString.Substring(1, 13);

P.S: change myString with your string variable name…
Hope it helps